Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

Mindfulness is not just an idea or theory of intellectual critical thinking, it is a way to live your life in the present moment. It is true that whatever we do today will effect us in the future, including our decisions, habits, and eating routine. Always remember

“You Are What You Eat”

The life we are enjoying today is the product and result of what we have eaten in the past. Food from a party, restaurant, a fiesta, or from the farmer's market, believe it or not, makes us who we are. So, if we are suffering from a disease, check what you are eating, how you are eating it, and how often. This is what we call "mindful eating"- being aware of your own personal food consumption and enjoying the process.

We must focus on our diet. According to the ‘Mindful Eating’ philosophy, a healthy life style with a focus on our daily habits should be done consciously, with rationale and with a goal in mind.  To ‘Mindful Eat’ means you are not only aware of what and how much you are eating, but you are also aware of your surroundings, and your environment . 

Always remember, “Your Stomach is Your Second Brain”. Whatever you consume will definitely tell you it’s affects in a shape of your mood, discipline, and your mobility. It will also send physical and mental signals to your body. There is a famous saying that says: “Health is Wealth” and so it is.

To mindfully eat, there are steps or elements you need to consider about your diet. It is not only what you eat but how and when you eat it.  Here's a list of things to keep in mind when minfully eating:

  • Ask yourself, how much do you need to eat right now?  Evaluate the required quantity.
  • Take care of your appetite
  • Select a specific time to eat punctually and regularly
  • Go for nutritious foods.
  • Eat with full concentration – enjoy your meal.
  • Be conscious about your food source.

These points are the prerequisite for mindful eating. Once you begin you will start enjoying how your body and mind feels during and after you eat. You should see some results within 21 days.  Most people will become more active, feel refreshed and enthusiatic. Be kind to your body and mind. Your mind and body will sync in a healthy way to organize the intelligent phenomenon of the human anatomy just by following the above mentioned elements. It is very possible that you could increase your life span by making these simple changes in your eating habits.

So, you say, what if I have followed those points to ensure I am mindfully eating, how do I manage my eating habits and decide what to choose for dinner?  Are there any other better options available than this?  Here are a few more tips and practical steps towards mindful eating.
  • Skip breakfast, but have brunch instead: We all have faced a throbbing feeling in our stomach right after we wake up. When you skip breakfast and have brunch instead, you space out your food consumption allowing your body to save energy for digestion and keeping you healthier in the process.
  • Be completely available for nutritious food: Never be in a hurry to eat a meal. Concentrate and connect with the food you are eating as if it is going to be a part of your body, because it will be. Chew it carefully and completely. Be aware of the health content in everything you eat.
  • Always plan your meal: Knowing what to eat, when and where you are going to eat it is something that should be planned in advance, if you can. Make a plan for today and tomorrow. You will find yourself not going for the junk food as much as you did before.
  • Sugar is your good and bad friend at the same time: Always check your sugar level and intake routine. Avoid excess sugar but try to consume a reasonable amount. Sugar is needed for your body to function well, but in excess can be very damaging. It is very important to take this seriously.
  • Water is your life: Your body is about 50%- 60% water, and a huge part of your body depends on it. Make sure to drink a sufficient amount of water everyday. 

Consequently, you will become a super human after adopting such habits and consciousness about your eating.  These are some of the benefits of mindful eating:

  • Eating Less
  • More energy
  • Controlling your appetite and cravings
  • Getting energy and mood boost
  • Being relaxed and calm
  • Getting better taste buds
  • Careful about what you eat
  • Avoiding gluttony


To sum everything up, those who practice mindful eating trust their own judgment regarding food consumption. Mindful eating helps practitioners to live completely in the present moment and to enjoy their lives as they are.